See you in the EASP’s 19th General Meeting!

We are going to be present in the 19th General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology in Krakow (Poland). Found us in the following presentations:

  • Sunday 2nd July

    • Impact of Economic distress on attitudes towards inequality, and collective action: The role of politicized identities and collective narcissism – 

      • Ángel del Fresno-Díaz, Rebekka Kesberg, Guillermo Willis, Soledad de Lemus, & Matthew Easterbrook
      • 12:10-12:30 – Room 11 (Blue Room)

“Using a sample from the UK and Spain, we explored the relationship between economic distress and inequality intolerance as well as support for collective actions related to economic inequality. We focus on politicized identities and national collective narcissism as mediating mechanisms.”

  • Monday 3rd July

    • Poster – The impact of experimentally induced inclusivity norms on norm perception and tolerance: the role of equality-based respect

      • Lucía Estevan-Reina, Marcin Bukowski, Anna Potoczek, Domnika Gurbisz,  Laura Schäfer, & Oliver Christ
      • 16:50-17:50 – Exhibition Room

“Social media interactions highlighting inclusivity norms increase the perception of positive norms towards homosexuals in Polish society, and they have an indirect effect on tolerance via prescriptive norms and personal beliefs.”

  • Martes 4 de julio 

    • Poster – Boys and girls can play: Efficacy of a counterstereotypical intervention based on narratives in young children

      • Rocío Segura-Nebot
      • 10:50-11:50 – Exhibition Room

“Through four studies (N=537), it is evident that the counter-stereotypical story can be an effective tool in the reduction of gender stereotyping in terms of gender attributions to toys and professional roles before and after the period of gender stereotypical rigidity and maintain it over 3 weeks.”

    • The risk of paternalism and recategorization in alliances for social change

      • Soledad de Lemus, Ana Urbiola, Danna Galván-Hernández, Lucía Estevan-Reina, Ángel del Fresno-Díaz, & Cristina Carmona-López
      • 12:10-12:30 – Room 1 (Main Auditorium A)

“We analyze the impact of feminist and multiculturalist identities on different alliance types (one-group recategorization, coalitions) and collective actions through egalitarian and paternalistic motives. We conclude that egalitarian coalitions are more effective to promote social change.”

    • Divide et vinces: The role of feminist identification and threat to women’s identity in the support for trans rights

      • Danna Galván-Hernández, Lucía Estevan-Reina, & Soledad de Lemus
      • 12:30-12:50 – Room 1 (Main Auditorium A)

“LGBTIQA+ and feminist allyship has been key to promote LGBTIQA+ rights. But,does threat to women’s identity play a role in the opposition of some feminists to trans demands? We show that feminist identity promotes support for LGBTIQA+ rights, while threat increases hostility and reactionary actions.”

    • Roma activist identity: opportunity or threat?

      • Cristina Carmona-López, Lucia Hargašová, József Pántya, & Barbara Lášticová
      • 15:50-16:10 – Room 8 (Assembly Hall A)

“Interviews with Roma activists from 3 countries (N=32) showed that their individual journey as an activist and their attitudes toward activism resulted in different identity constructions: activist identity as a tool for social change, ambivalence, avoidance or even rejection of activist identity.”

Looking forwards to see you there!

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