Social Psychology of Inequality

Our research is framed within two general lines, in which we examine: a) the psychosocial variables that predict the perception of economic inequality and the tolerance towards it; b) the psychosocial consequences derived from economic inequality. In addition, we also carry out studies that explore the processes related to other types of inequality, beyond economic inequality (e.g., based on social power, prejudice, dehumanization, etc.). We currently have three research grants, funded by national and international research agencies.

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Psychosocial Consequences of Social Class

The research we carry out analyzes the relationship between, on the one hand, the social class to which people belong or the fact of suffering to a greater or lesser degree the consequences of an economic crisis and, on the other hand, different psychosocial variables, such as socio-political behavior, subjective well-being, humor, dehumanization or trust. We currently have two research projects sponsored by Spanish institutions.

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Psychology of Social Change

The main lines of research of our team focus on the study of intergroup processes of social change from the perspective of disadvantaged groups (eg, women, LGTBIQA+, migrants) and advantaged groups (men, heterosexuals, authoctonous) and the processes of cooperation between both as possible allies, depending on psychosocial variables such as group identity, motivations or perceived control.

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Psicología Social y Género

Gender & Psychosocial

The research projects granted have been related to gender, discrimination and violence against women. From a psychosocial approach, we study how sexist ideology, beliefs and myths related to gender and power asymmetry, have as consequences situations of discrimination and different types of violence against women, with special attention to the consequences that such circumstances have on their personal, labor and social development and that hinder effective and full equality.

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Sexism, Myths & Gender Violence

The research we carry out analyzes different factors involved in sexism, discrimination and violence against women in different contexts and situations, both offline and online. We currently have two current projects:

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