Elena Padial Rojas


I am currently a doctoral student in the line of Social and Educational Psychology at the University of Granada.

On the other hand, I have been a research support technician collaborating on different lines within the Department of Social Psychology: line on the perception of groups and social class in a context of economic inequality and line on alliance processes between different cultural groups ( from a minority perspective and a majority perspective). In addition, I am currently also collaborating in an international study whose objective is the replication in different countries of a classic study of cognitive dissonance (RRR: A Multi-Lab Replication of the Induced Compliance Paradigm of Cognitive Dissonance).

Main interests

  • Study of socioeconomic status and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and the consequences on sociopolitical behavior. Specifically:
    – Investigate the reasons why the different social classes are involved to a greater or lesser extent to confront economic inequality. Attitude towards distributive policies and political participation.
  • Factors that legitimize and justify the maintenance of economic inequality. Importance of ideological variables: meritocratic beliefs and political ideology.


Training and professional career


Grado en Psicología

Universidad de Granada


Máster en Psicología de la Intervención Social

Universidad de Granada

Situación laboral/profesional

Actualmente poseo un contrato predoctoral (FPU) asociado al proyecto de investigación con referencia: PID2020-114464RB-I00, cuyo título es “Clase social y crisis económica/sanitaria: Consecuencias interpersonales y sociopolíticas”.