Lab Meeting between Aliadxs Project and Harmonia Project

This Wednesday February 22nd, taking advantage of the visit to Granada of collaborators such as Marcin Bukowski, Dominika Gurbisz, and Anna Potoczek, we will have an international meeting between our group Project Aliadxs and the Harmonia Project.

Anna Potoczek from Jagiellonian University, Fabian Hess from Leipzig University and our colleagues Danna Galván-Hernandez and Cristina Carmona-López, who will present their main results on recategorization and coalition variables adapted to their specific thematic areas.

We’re exited to create new synergies and collaborative projects!

Here are some images of our colleagues presenting their main results.

  Danna Galván-Hernández presenting her results on feminist and LGBTQ+ line.


Cristina Carmona-López presenting her results on multiculturalist line.

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