Gemma Sáez


I am an assistant professor at the University of Sevilla. I teach mainly in the psychology at degree and master level. My research is about analyzing the consequences that sexual objectification has for women at interpersonal, intrapersonal, and social level. Specifically, I am focused on the psychosocial correlates of sexual objectification interactions. Moreover, I am interested on testing the efficacy of interventions aiming IPV victims.

Main interests

  • Sexual objectification
  • Perpetration of female sexual objectification
  • Sexual violence
  • Efficacy of interventions aiming IPV victims


Training and professional career

2020 - Present

Assistant Professor

University of Extremadura

2017 - 2020

Assistant Professor

Loyola University

2013 - 2017

PhD in Psychology

University of Granada

2011 - 2012

Master's Degree in Psychology of Social Intervention

University of Granada

2007 - 2011

Degree in Psychology

University of Granada



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