Francisco Miguel Soler Martínez


I am a predoctoral researcher in training at the University of Granada. I am graduated in Psychology and I studied the Master in Psychology of Social Intervention at the same University. Currently, I am working on my doctoral thesis on the perception of economic inequality and its relationship with participation in collective actions to reduce it. In addition, I teach in the degrees of Psychology and Social Education.

I have carried out a research stay at Columbia University (New York, USA).

Main interests

  • Perception of economic inequality in different domains: income, health and education.
  • Tolerance and acceptance of economic inequality.
  • Participation in collective actions for the reduction of inequality and social change.


Training and professional career

2020 (Ongoing)

PhD Student

Universidad de Granada


Master's Degree in Psychology of Social Intervention

Universidad de Granada


Degree in Psychology

Universidad de Granada


Garrido-Macías, M., Navarro-Carrillo, G., Soler-Martínez, F. M., & Valor-Segura, I. (2023). Disentangling the road to a compassionate response to suffering: A multistudy investigation. Personality and Individual Differences203, 112030.

Soler-Martínez, F. M., García-Sánchez, E., & Willis, G. B. (2023). Concerns about inequality in health, education and income jointly predict collective actions. Revista Latinoamericana de Psicología, 55, 99-108.