Cristina Carmona López


I’m a PhD student at the University of Almería. I’m currently hired in the project «Alliance processes in coping with threats to identity and perceived control (ALIADXS)» (REF: PID2019-111549GB-I00). My research currently focuses on the study of alliance processes from the perspectives of ethnic minorities (migrants and Roma people) and the advantaged social group in Spain (native and non-Roma people). Thus, I also try to analyze the factors related to these, such as multiculturalism, prejudice, inequality and social identity. My thesis focuses on the study of anti-gypsyism and participation in collective actions to stop the inequality suffered by Roma people in Spain.

Main interests

  • Alliance processes between groups with ethnic diversity.

  • Study of social class and ethnicity as predictors of antigypsyism.

  • Multiculturalist identity, intergroup contact and participation in different collective actions, from the perspective of disadvantaged groups (migrants and Roma) and advantaged groups (natives and non-Roma).


Training and professional career

2021 - nowadays

PhD Student

University of Almería

2019 - 2020

Master in Migrations, Mediation and Vulnerable Groups

University of Almería

2015 - 2019

Graduated in Primary Education

University of Almería


Urbiola, A., Navas, M., Carmona, C., & Willis, G. B. (2022). Social Class also Matters: The Effects of Social Class, Ethnicity, and their Interaction on Prejudice and Discrimination Toward Roma. Race and Social Problems.