Mar Montoya Lozano


I am a PhD student in the Department of Social Psychology at the University of Granada. In my doctoral thesis I study the effects of the perception of inequality on attitudes towards democracy and institutions. I also investigate the psychosocial consequences of inequality, wealth and democracy on cooperation and civic participation.

Main interests

  • Antecedents and psychosocial consequences of the perception of economic inequality.
  • Attitudes towards inequality: intolerance and support for inequality.
  • Sociopolitical attitudes: trust in institutions, perception of democracy, democratic values, satisfaction with government and political efficacy.
  • Attitudes towards collective actions, cooperation, civic and social participation.


Training and professional career


PhD Student

Universidad de Granada


Technical research support staff

Universidad de Granada


Degree in Psychology

Universidad de Granada


García‐Castro, J. D., García‐Sánchez, E., Montoya‐Lozano, M., & Rodríguez‐Bailón, R. (2022). The perception of economic inequality in everyday life: My friends with the most and least money. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 25(1), 20-34.